Effective Compatibility and Strategic Partners

Working together to make a great product

With VitalPBX constantly growing in features, here we have compiled the list of companies that have 100% compatibility with VitalPBX and strategic partners that help us make a more professional product.

We are able to do this by joining forces with brands and partners that help us make VitalPBX a more professional application that will allow presenting a very robust and complete PBX System for your business and your customers.

Phone Brands

Here is a list of Phone Brands we are capable of provisioning through our new dedicated provisioning module, now in beta. We add support for many of the new models and firmwares for these brands. We have made a broad test to ensure compatibility with the different phone models these companies offer.

Strategic Partners

Allison Smith Portrait - VitalPBX Strategic Partner

Allison Smith - The IVR Voice

The IVR Voice Logo - Compatibility

    Allison Smith is an internationally-recognized professional voice talent, specializing in voicing telephone systems. She has voiced platforms for Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel, Bell Canada, Sprint, Verizon, the Asterisk Open Source PBX, and the stock voice for VitalPBX. Clients include PetSmart, Samsung, NASA, 3M, Pfizer, Toyota, Royal Caribbean, and State Farm, among many others.

    With great professionalism, we work with Allison Smith. Her work is already heard throughout every Asterisk® System, as well as being the official English voice for VitalPBX. Making the experience throughout the PBX more homogeneous and pleasant for anyone calling in.

    If you are looking to have a continuos feel among your PBX and want to record your own voice prompts, IVRs, or greetings, you can contact Allison through her website, https://www.theivrvoice.com.

Here is an example of Allison’s Work, so we can’t recommend her enough. We can assure professionalism and 100% Compatibility with your VitalPBX installation.

VoIP Providers

VitalPBX is compatible with any provider that uses standard SIP/PJSIP/IAX2 trunks. You can even add any custom headers if necessary. Here are some of the providers we have personally tested and have made integrations with.

Are you a provider and would like to be on this list? You can contact us at sales@vitalpbx.org for further information.

Hosting Providers

We have also had contact with various Hosting Providers and made the compatibility tests to ensure that they offer the necessary capabilities to host your VitalPBX Installation.

Are you a provider and would like to be on this list? You can contact us at sales@vitalpbx.org for further information.

With the collaboration from everyone you see here, we are able to assure you a professional environment, and a product the will be able to fulfill your business’s needs. We can assure that we are constantly working with compatibility with multiple companies and services to bring you the most competitive and robust PBX and Unified Communications System we can.

We invite you to download VitalPBX today and try all of the features we offer, so you can see that VitalPBX is a great fit for you. We also have a sleuth of add-ons you can install and expand your experience, as well as affordable plans to license multiple add-ons.