Take your Call Center to the next level with
powerful PBX Software

With VitalPBX you can easily have all your Call Center needs fulfilled. So make
the most our of your PBX and take your services to the next level.


These queues will have everything you need to manage calls with ACD, automatic call distributor.


Within Queues, agents can be added freely, so you can add as many extensions you want as agents.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking is a great feature where you have more people than cubicles. Such as, having multiple shifts on the same desks.


In VitalPBX you get access to codes that can aid for your supervising tasks

With VitalPBX you can enjoy a sleuth of features out of the box for a Call Center Experience. So, as part of our core you get the following.

Our Call Center

With the variety of tools that VitalPBX has to offer, we can help
you achieve your professional goals.

Monitor and interact with all of your calls in real-time. With Sonata Switchboard you can have control of your Call Center in just a couple of clicks!.

Sonata Stats Logo

The perfect tool for your Call Center. Be able to generate reports based on your different Queues and Agents.

Sonata Recordings Logo

You can organize and manage your Call Recordings by adding information such as Reference Numbers, Flags, Notes, and Ratings.

vitxi - webrtc softphone

VitXi includes a WebRTC application installed on your VitalPBX Server, which you can run from any browser and operating system.

This add-on module allows you to give the option to the customer calling into your Call Center to opt for a callback instead of waiting in queue.

An Advanced Communications Suite

VitalPBX is a unified communications PBX system based on Asterisk and Linux (Centos 7). VitalPBX provides a robust and scalable platform, which will allow you to manage your PBX in an easy and intuitive way.

Some Phone Brands Homologated with VitalPBX

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