About Us

VitalPBX is a project that started with the objective of creating a software for the administration of PBX system based on Asterisk.

VitalPBX is a Unified Communications PBX System based on Asterisk currently developed by Telesoft S.A (a company that has a broad experience with Telephone Systems, proprietary as well as Open Source) with the help of the community.

This project started with the objective of creating a system/interface for the administration of PBX systems based on Asterisk, easy to use, totally adapted for different mobile devices (Fully Responsive Design), and with all the characteristics of an advanced telecommunications system; Combining the flexibility from Asterisk with concepts that have been satisfactorily used in traditional telephone systems, concepts that somehow were ignored by the new generations of IP telephony.

Originally, VitalPBX was being developed alongside by Xorcom and Telesoft S.A., and initially, the project was known as Ombutel. Afterwards, both companies decided to take separate paths, and the project was left in the hands of Telesoft S.A, who renamed it VitalPBX. Telesoft S.A preserved all of the original characteristics of the project and added new features and made existing ones better.

VitalPBX is a telephone and communications system for companies. VitalPBX is free to use, even for commercial purposes.

The VitalPBX software is offered with a commercial license. It means that you can use it for free, but you can not get the source code, make changes or reverse engineer in any way. If you are interested in developing add-ons or special functionality for VitalPBX and can sell, contact us.

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