Sonata Stats

Create powerful reports to measure the performance for your Call Center Queues and Agents with Sonata Stats for VitalPBX.

Reports and charts system

See everything that Sonata Suite Stats has to offer. We go into detail on this presentation, showing you every report and feature for Sonata Stats. Make the most of this powerful Call Center Statistics application.

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Sonata Stats

Allows you to create detailed reports for your different Queues and Agents. Get the most information so you can measure your Call Center’s efficiency and take action to up your Call Center game!

Call Reports

Get all of the information you need for the various types of calls you have on your Call Center. Measure Answered Calls, SLA, Lost Calls, and Abandoned Calls. As well as the outgoing calls from your agents.

Traffic Reports

Measure the different numbers of calls your Call Center receives on this set of detailed Reports. Learn what your peak hour is for the calls you get, or the peak hours the most lost calls. Learn how your Call Center is doing to tend these calls.

Agent Reports

See how well your agents are doing. Measure their sessions, pauses, availability, and more! Work out exactly how your different agents are doing through your selected period of time and use the full potential of your team.