Queues CallBack

Reduce customer frustration by minimizing the time spent on hold with the Queues CallBack module.


With the Queues CallBack module, you can reduce customer frustration by minimizing the time spent on hold. This feature provides callers with the option to request a callback from the next available agent instead of waiting on hold, allowing them to disconnect from the call and tend to other things.

How it works?

When someone calls your company and there are no available agents, after the customers have waited for a predefined length of time, an automated message can offer to call them back. If the customer decides to request the callback service, their number will be saved and queued. When an agent becomes available, VitalPBX will then automatically call the person who left the callback request. If that person answers the call, they will be connected to the agent.

Why Use It?

There are many reasons the Queues Callback module can be effective for you, but between those reasons you can find:

How it works?