New Update: VitalPBX 2.0.3-1

VitalPBX Change Logs
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With this new update of VitalPBX, we are introducing a new module named “Asterisk Sounds“, this new module allows you to install additional Asterisk languages through the GUI, until now the additional available languages are: Portuguese, Russian, German and Italian. Also in this version we are introducing new options for the extensions voicemail, conferences module and others.

If you wish to read about the new features and add-ons introduced in previous updates, click here and learn about all the tools and upgrades we´ve added over time.


  • Voicemail Dial-out: This new option for the voicemail allows that users can dial out directly from their mailboxes (option 4 from mailbox’s advanced menu).
  • Voicemail Call Back: With this option enabled the users will be available to call back to the sender of a message. The specified Class of Service will need to be able to handle dialing of numbers in the format in which they are received.
  • Voicemail Hint: This option allows you to generate a voicemail hint to be subsequently monitored through a BLF key. To configure the BLF you must to use the following format: vm_1234, where 1234 is the extension that will be monitored.
  • Custom Sounds: A new section has been added on the “System General” module named “System Prompts”, on this section the users will be capable to customize the DND and the Blacklisted prompts.
  • Invite participant to the Conference: A new option named “Allow to Invite” has been added to the conference module, when this option is enabled all the participants could press ** or zero to invite other people to a conference. This options comes associated to a Class of Service, the class of service allows you to determinate the dial permissions to invite to another participants.
  • Additional Asterisk Sounds: As we mentioned at the beginning of this post we are introducing a new core module that will allows to the end users install additional asterisk sounds according to their needs. This new module is located under Settings >> PBX Settings >> Asterisk Sounds
  • Users Timezone: a new option named “System” has been added to the timezone field of the users module, when this option is selected, the timezone is taken directly from the PBX System.
  • Update french translation (Thanks to jgrossiord)


  • Sounds: Some prompts were not played in the right way when the extensions language was not English or Spanish.
  • CID Lookup: The host and port field were not validated in the right way.

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