New update: VitalPBX 2.3.0 – Stable Release

VitalPBX Change Logs
Finally, the wait is over, today we are officially launching our new stable release, VitalPBX 2.3.0, this version comes to stabilize all the features announced in the release candidate (VitalPBX 2.2.2-1RC), and introduce some other features.

If you wish to read about the new features and add-ons introduced in previous updates, click here and learn about all the tools and upgrades we´ve added over time.

Here’s a list all the improvements, new features, fixes and some notes about this version.


  • Music on Hold: The MoH class defined on extensions now is also used for Blind and Attended Transfer. Previously, the played MoH class was the default one instead of the defined in the extension.
  • Users: For security reasons, the super admin users cannot be edited by any other users than himself.

New Features

  • Outbound Routes – CID Pattern Matching: Now it is possible to match outbound routes by CID Pattern, this new feature adds a new level of flexibility and security for the outbound routes.
  • Trunks – SIP / PJSIP Headers: Due that some providers require special headers for outbound calls like “P-Preferred-Identity”, we have added a new section under the Advanced tab where you will be able to define any required header for SIP or PJSIP trunks. You may use the following variables:
    • {CIDNUM}: This variable will be replaced with the caller id number provided in the call.
    • {HOST}: This, will be replaced with the host value defined in the outbound parameters.
  • VitalPBX Command Tool: A new command has been added to our command tool, who allows you to analyze and fix issues regarding folders and files permissions. You may run this command in the following way: “vitalpbx –check-integrity”


  • Import Extensions: The SQLite database for extensions was not generated in the right way, not letting these extensions receive calls.
  • DialPlan: Some dial plans were duplicated on Multi-tenant environments.


  • Changelog: If you want to know more about all the features included on this version please visit our previous post:
  • Add-ons: Due this version has major changes, we release new updates for add-ons in order to make them compatible with the new version and Multi-tenant environments. So, we urgently ask you to update any add-on that you have installed on your VitalPBX with the purpose that everything works properly.

VitalPBX 2.3.0-2 (Fixes)

  • Ring Groups and Multi-Tenant: It was not possible to use the same extension on different tenants
  • Ring Groups: After the update, it was not possible to edit existing ring groups.
  • PBX Report Status: Fix typo on a method to get active call channels through AMI.
  • Outbound Routes: After the update, it was not possible to use existing outbound routes. All the routes were colliding

VitalPBX 2.3.0-3 (Fixes & Improvements)

  • Users: It was not possible to visualize users marked as super administrators (fixed up).
  • System Misc: It was not possible to update the system timezone (fixed up)
  • Virtual Faxes Add-on: Improve virtual faxes behavior and functionalities.
  • Task Manager Add-on
    • Add an option to enable or disable a task
    • Add option to avoid send an email each time a task is executed
  • VitalPBX Command Tool: Add command to fully update the PBX from Linux CLI (vitalpbx –update-pbx)
  • Core Improvements

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