VitalPBX v3.0.2 – New Trunking Module, Call Center Improvements, Fixes, and More.

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We are glad to announce a new update for VitalPBX, we are talking about v3.0.2. This new version introduces a new trunking module, new features, improvements, and various fixes.

Introducing ClearlyIP Trunking add-on

It is our pleasure to introduce the new trunking module from ClearlyIP. This new module will allow you to easily set up your ClearlyIP Trunks and all the related settings, like emergency numbers, outbound routes, dispatchable locations, and so on. 

This module is immediately available in our add-ons module; You just need to go to the add-ons module (Admin > Add-ons > Add-ons), click on the clean cache button, then click on the green check online button, and finally, the module will be listed to be installed on your PBX.

Improvements on VitalPBX v3.0.2

  • Trunks: Now, when the virtual faxes add-on is installed a new section will be shown on PJSIP trunks for configuring the Fax settings.
  • Queues:
    • Now, it is not possible to pause or unpause an agent that is not logged on any queue.
    • Now, the pause event is skipped if the agent is already paused in the queue. This change is to avoid generating pauses events without closing the previous one on the queue logs. 
    • Now, the unpause event is skipped if the agent is already unpaused in the queue. This change is to avoid generating unpauses events without closing the previous one on the queue logs.
    • Now, it is possible to use shortcodes to login/logout to all queues. So, to log in, you can dial *52*1, and to log out, you can dial *52*2
    • Now, it is possible to use shortcodes to pause/unpause from all queues. So, for pause, you can dial *53*1, and for unpause, you can dial *53*2
  • Hot-Desking:
    We’ve added the feature *90 to easily log in to your hotdesking extension and all the queues associated with it.

    Besides, you can use shortcodes to login without waiting for the asterisk prompts. e.g.: 
    • Dialing *90#100 means you want to login to the extension 100, but, you still will be asked for the extension’s features password.
    • Dialing *90#100#1234, means you want to login to the extension 100, using the feature’s password 1234.

Addressed Issues

  • Certificates: In some cases, it was not possible to generate certificates due to some folders permissions.
  • Multi-Tenant: It was not possible to perform outgoing calls when selecting a shared outbound profile (Route Selection) on the classes of services of secondary tenants.
  • Devices Profiles: An unexpected error occurred after updating any device profile and try applying changes.
  • Paging: It was not possible to use the paging application due that the paging driver was not present on the asterisk installation.
  • Asterisk Segmentation Fault: One of our customers reports that asterisk crashes randomly due to the DPMA drivers. Because of this, and due that this feature is not used at all on this new version, these drivers come disabled by default.

VitalPBX 3.0.2 – Release 2

This is a minor update to improve the functionality on VitalPBX 3.0.2

  • Extensions Status: radio buttons were not well rendered, this makes it impossible to know the real status of a diversion.
  • PBX Reports (PJSIP Endpoints): the icons for showing the status of the contacts were not well rendered.
  • DialPlan: Custom recording features were not creating the recordings on tenants’ path.
  • Trunks:
    • Has been added the possibility to define trunks with inbound authentication. This can be used in the case when users want to use the PBX server as a provider.
    • The Usability for contacts and match fields has been improved.
    • Has been added a field to define max contacts for a trunk.


As you might notice we are always working hard next to our customers to deliver an even more stable version. We thank all of you for reporting issues, for helping us to debug VitalPBX, and for supporting us through purchasing subscriptions, support packages, and subscribing to our training courses.

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