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Here is your VitalPBX Download link, and quick startup guide

Thank you for your interest in VitalPBX! Here is your Download link, and a quick guide for installation. We hope that you find that VitalPBX has everything you look for and more!


To install VitalPBX on a Virtual Environment, it is quite simple. You will need to follow the following steps to get you up and running.


To install VitalPBX, make sure that your hardware is capable for 64-bit operating systems.


You will first need to flash a USB flash drive with the ISO you download from the button above. We recommend the use of Balena Etcher.
If the destination storage media you are using has been used before, we recommend you format it. You can use DBAN for HDDs, and GParted for SSDs.
Now, connect the USB Flash drive to the server hardware, and boot from the Flash Drive. Press Enter on Install VitalPBX.
Select the installation language.
Here, all you must select is your Keyboard Language, but you can also change your Time Zone and make network and storage changes. The default settings will use the connected Network interface and format the storage space given to the machine. Click Continue.
Finally, add a root password. There is no need to create another user from here. Once the operation is done, the machine will reboot, with CentOS 7 64-bit and VitalPBX installed. So you can now log in, create the Admin Password, and start your configurations.

With all of this done, you now have successfully installed VitalPBX!

If you have any comments and questions, you can send us an email to