Sonata Suite Billing

With Sonata Billing for VitalPBX you have a fully featured call accounting application that will allow you to manage your call expenses. Apply different rates and tariffs, create reports based on usage, Carriers, Rates, and more!.

Billing System

VitalPBX integrates a complete Call Accounting System through which you can generate a wide variety of reports manually and automatically.

Sonata Billing is a system through which you can rate all calls from your PBX.
Allowing summary and detail reports to be generated.


It is possible to create different methods to rate the calls, one charging the rates of the Carrier and another charging the rates of the Customer. You can create as many Carrier rates as you need.


It includes the possibility of creating profiles that only have access to obtain reports of certain extensions, cost centers or trunks.


Sonata Billing generates many summarized and detailed reports, among which we can mention are, Extensions, Cost Centers, Trunks, Account Codes, Authorization Codes.