Learn how to configure Flowroute with VitalPBX

VitalPBX Flowroute

It’s been a minute since we published a blog explaining how to integrate a VoIP provider with VitalPBX. Today, we’ll go over the steps for setting up a trunk between Flowroute and VitalPBX.  We will use the IP Auth method for this tutorial. Hence, we will configure both sides accordingly.  Environment  VPS Hosting: DigitalOcean  VitalPBX […]

How to translate for free your PBX Voice Guides

free voice guide azure

How To Translate For Free Your PBX Voice Guides With Google Translation of text has always been a challenge, given that it is necessary to have full knowledge of both languages, the origin, and the destination. In the past, there were many drawbacks, some like: Pricey, since you would need to hire a professional translator for […]

10 essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

10 essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app Any PBX system has always needed an end client to communicate between two users. In the beginning, these end clients or terminals were physical devices connected through cables directly to a port from the PBX. A lot has changed with IP telephony, which allows us to […]

Convert Your Analog Phone Line To Digital With Grandstream HT813

phone call center workers grandstream

Convert Your Analog Phone Line To Digital Sometimes it is necessary to connect our PBX to the public network (PSTN) through a traditional analog trunk. The Grandstream GS-H813 Gateway is very popular and easy to integrate with VitalPBX. This technical guide will explain how to perform this integration successfully with VitalPBX. Getting Things Ready With […]

How to Secure Your PBX Phone System in 2022?

secure communication concept for technology and pbx

How to Secure Your PBX Phone System? Cloud PBX Systems are replacing traditional PBXs in an accelerated way. However, this change brings an additional topic regarding the security of cloud PBX systems. When choosing a Cloud PBX system or a PBX exposed to the internet, it is essential to consider the following security factors. 1. […]

Install Your Own Video Conference Server like Zoom

This last year, Video Conference calls have now become more part of our lives than ever. So, up next we will show step by step how to install your own Zoom-like Video Conferencing server. In order to do this installation we will use an open source project called Jitsi (Jitsi was acquired by 8×8 in […]