Catalyst Technologies Pte Ltd

Hi there, Calatyst Technologies is a newly registered company in Dec 19, and we want to do Open SIP/Source PABX (to compete locally) The more famous one are 3CX, Sangoma, China Yeastar/Yealink, Xorcom etc. We have been doing Ericsson-LG iPECS UC and I have been keeping alookout for a few of the open sources PBX (Open SIP). Last Sep, I contacted Vitalpbx and Jose Antonio Montes was handling my enquiry. After that, I was too busy with others. I am looking for a open pabx solution that I can offer 1) On-premise for enterprise customers. Challenges are in Singapore, there are still a few favours of telco trunks (analogue, ISDN30, SIP trunk over Internet, and SIP trunk (SIPConnect 2.0) over dedicate Fibre link. *Major of the enterprise are still on analogue CO lines (small sme), ISDN30 and SIPConnect 2.0 (where the 3 major telco only support). SIP trunk over Internet is not offer by Tier 1 Telco and Tier 2 Telco, I am avoid working with them as they will compete with us (on PBX). 2) Hosted (Cloud) PBX. Customer still get their prefer trunk from their prefer and use us (like MSN Team) for their endpoints. I guess either we provision 1 PBX for 1 customer or use multi-tenant solutions. If we go for post-paid model (monthly subscription) should not be an issue. 3) There is another group – like Cloud Contact centre, which I like your Sonata Switchboard. Must better than the expensive iPECS. 4) The weak point maybe is the APP (IOS/Android) still have some ways to go. 5) Also, can you advise is VitalPBX support SIPConnect 2.0 SIP trunk, as the 3 major Tier 1 telco only offer this. I am working closely with 1 of the Telco on the SIP trunk, and like them to bundle PBX with their SIP trunk services. Thank you Move forward, I will need to play around VitalPBX to build up our confidence of VitalPBX, messup some opensip phones set and features.