VitalPBX 3 RC – Now Available

VitalPBX 3 RC4
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After some hard work, working on add-ons and the VitalPBX core, we’re glad to announce the first release candidate (RC) for VitalPBX 3.0. We believe this VitalPBX version is becoming more and more stable with each release, and we hope to release the official stable public version soon.

Before continuing with the list of changes, we really want to thank all of you for testing this version and give us your feedback to improve VitalPBX more and more.

Continuing with this, we are glad to announce that on this new release of VitalPBX 3.0 we’re also including the multi-tenant version for the Sonata Billing and Recordings. So, with nothing more to add, here’s the list of the changes, improvements, and fixes included in this version.

What’s New In VitalPBX 3 Release 4?

  • Sonata Billing: As mentioned before, this version includes the Sonata Billing add-on which comes with Multi-Tenant capabilities and some core improvements.
  • Sonata Recordings: Also, we are including Sonata Recordings with various core improvements, and of course, the Multi-tenant capabilities.Sonata Add-ons
  • Device Profiles: Now, by default, a WebRTC profile is included for WebRTC clients like VitXi.
  • Music on Hold: As an extended feature, the capability for creating custom music on hold categories to perform live streaming (from a radio) or execute any other application to dynamically retrieve music on hold sounds has been added.
  • VitXi Server: A new add-on has been added for licensing premium features for Vitxi Mobile and Vitxti WebRTC clients. This add-on adds a checkbox on the devices form to flag a device as a Vitxi Client.
    Vitxi Server
  • Vitxi Android: Now, you will be able to try the beta version of VitXi mobile for Android from the following link: Download VitXi Android
  • Vitxi Meet Android: Also, we are including a new app for creating online meetings from your phone. If you would like to give it a shot, here’s the link: Download Vitxi Meet

VitalPBX’s Improvements

  • Geo Firewall:
    • The IP lists have been updated per country
    • The IP sets generated for blocking a country have been optimized
  • Voicemail: Fix length restriction on the email body.
  • Network Settings: Now, a warning message is shown instead of an exception when the command “nmcli” is not present in the server. This is most common on VPS installations.
    VitalPBX Network Settings
  • Dial Profiles: Now,  the needed options for parking and transfer by recipient comes enabled by default.
  • Email Notifications: Use public IP address on QR code when the server doesn’t have an FQDN.
  • PJSIP Profiles: IPv6 transports (UDP/TCP) have been added for handling IPv6 connections for PJSIP devices.
  • GUI: Use password input on login to allow saving credentials in the browser.
  • API:
    • Refresh voicemail info after listening or deleting a voicemail message through API
    • Return maintenance data on tenants endpoint
    • Added an Endpoint to retrieve device profiles.

Addressed Fixes

  • Extensions:
    • In the previous version, it was not possible to import extensions because an exception was thrown during the process.
    • An unexpected exception was thrown when creating a new extension, making it impossible to receive the notification emails with credentials and QR code for Vitxi Mobile.
  • DialPlan:
    • Previously, it was not possible to use hints on MT environments
    • Call forwards were always answered making ring groups and queues don’t try with the rest of the listed extensions.
  • Tenants:
    • Tenants were limited to 100 items when using the carrier license.
    • It was not possible to add more than 20 inbound DIDs.
  • Queues: In certain circumstances, dynamic agents were removed from queues after updating an extension.
  • Follow-me: The initial ring time from follow-me was applied even when the attached time group didn’t match.
  • CDR: It was not possible to view CEL events in the CDR because an unexpected exception was thrown.
  • Firewall:
    • It was not possible to delete items from firewall whitelist
    • It was allowed to add duplicated hosts in the firewall whitelist.
    • It was not possible to get the information of banned IP using the site
  • Feature Codes: Features dialplan was not applied after enabling/disabling a feature code.


With this new release we are getting very close to the official release of VitalPBX Version 3.0. But remember that even Release Candidate versions are still preliminary versions. So please test everything before implementing on a production environment. We appreciate all the feedback you give us, so, if you find any bugs or issues during your testing don’t doubt to let us know through our community forum. Also, if you want to know what the previous releases of Version 3.0 has had to offer you can check this article, here.

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