VitalPBX v3.0.2 – New Trunking Module, Call Center Improvements, Fixes, and More.

We are glad to announce a new update for VitalPBX, we are talking about v3.0.2. This new version introduces a new trunking module, new features, improvements, and various fixes. Introducing ClearlyIP Trunking add-on It is our pleasure to introduce the new trunking module from ClearlyIP. This new module will allow you to easily set up […]

VitalPBX 2.4.2 – Release 7

A new release of VitalPBX 2.4.2 has been released. This version comes to stabilize VitalPBX v2 and its addons. Next we will list the changes included on this new release. Maintenance add-on: The methods for converting recordings from WAV to MP3 has been updated. In previous versions, the methods for converting recordings were not working […]

VitalPBX 2.4.2 Release 6

Here’s a new update for VitalPBX 2, that includes various fixes regarding PJSIP Devices, Multi-Tenant, and more. Below, we will list the changes on this release. Improvements Extensions: Create PJSIP devices with two contacts by default. Remove existing contacts when trying to connect a new device to an account that has reached the maximum number […]

VitalPBX 3 – Stable Release

The wait is over for VitalPBX users. The long-awaited version 3 has now officially been released. VitalPBX’s version 3  is a major release focused on multi-tenant capabilities, security, and other essential improvements. Some of the most relevant changes are: Kari’s Law Compliance We are introducing Asterisk 17. We are using the latest version of Asterisk […]

VitalPBX 3 RC – Now Available

VitalPBX 3 RC4

After some hard work, working on add-ons and the VitalPBX core, we’re glad to announce the first release candidate (RC) for VitalPBX 3.0. We believe this VitalPBX version is becoming more and more stable with each release, and we hope to release the official stable public version soon. Before continuing with the list of changes, […]

Easy guide: How to Configure NAT for PJSIP Endpoints


About NAT for PJSIP chan _pjsip is no more NAT aware than chan_sip in terms of nat=*. It simply breaks the sub-options of nat= into fully-fledged options, so that nat=comedia becomes rtp_symmetric=yes and nat=force_rport becomes force_rport=yes. The common incantation of nat=force_rport, comedia is equivalent to specifying both options. Read more tutorials and guides on how […]