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We are so excited about announcing a new version of VitalPBX. This version comes with several fixes reported by our customers, and a couple of improvements.

As always, we would like to say thank you to all for your hard work, testing and using VitalPBX and reporting the issues, thanks for your patience, and thanks for making VitalPBX better and better.

Improvements Included on VitalPBX 3.0.3 R 4

  • Maintenance:
    • Audio Quality: Now, it is possible to define the audio quality to be used when converting WAV files to MP3.
    • MP3 Conversion: Now, the MP3 conversion option needs to be defined for the main tenant only. So, this option will apply to the rest of the tenants.
    • Cron Profile: Now, the CRON profile option needs to be defined for the main tenant only. This was made to avoid running multiple processes/tasks per tenant and avoid the server getting overload.
    • Voicemail Maintenance: Now, it is possible to define how long the voicemail will be preserved in the system.
  • System General: Now, it is possible to configure a couple of parameters related to attended transfer behavior.
  • CDR: Now, the default range for CDR reports is the last month. In the previous version, the full year was used as the default range, producing delay when retrieving the CDR information on installation with many calls.
  • i18n: The Italian language has been updated.

Addressed Issues on VitalPBX 3.0.3 R 4

  • Extensions: An unexpected exception was thrown when trying to create an extension with the emails defined.
  • CDR: The CEL events feature was not marked as an extended feature.
  • Ring Groups: Calls transferred from ring groups never reached the voicemail or any other diversion.
  • Phonebook: It was not possible to import or create contacts with Cyrillic, Arabic, and other types of characters.
  • Inbound Route: Language set on inbound routes was not inherited through the calls. This caused in some cases that the extension voicemail answered in a different language than the one set in the Inbound Routes.
  • Queues CallBack: Destination for queues callback was defined twice.
  • MultiTenant: Inbound routes were read from tenants inbound module, instead of being read from tenant settings.
  • IVR: The welcome message was not played after an invalid retry.
  • Time conditions: The time conditions state was not updated correctly when using the toggle code or the BLF key.


As you can see, we are constantly hearing you (as a customer and as a user) through our different channels in order to make VitalPBX more stable, robust, and secure. Thanks for all your support, and for continuing to trust in VitalPBX.

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