10 essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

10 essential features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

Any PBX system has always needed an end client to communicate between two users.

In the beginning, these end clients or terminals were physical devices connected through cables directly to a port from the PBX.

A lot has changed with IP telephony, which allows us to connect a device through the data network and register to the telephony server.

The next significant evolution came with the introduction of the Softphone, which is installed on the user’s PCs and converted into a telephony device.

In the last decade, with the introduction of smartphones, the world changed drastically, and people now have a huge demand for mobility in every sense of the way.

Here is where it becomes necessary to offer a way to connect your PBX Systems to all kinds of mobile devices.

Currently, many VoIP apps can turn our mobile phones into an extension from our PBX, among the most popular you can find:

• Bria
• Zoiper
• Acrobits
• Linphone
VitalPBX Mobile
• Among others

But if you are looking for the best one, here are the ten most crucial mobility features the VoIP should have with your PBX.

Most important features for a VoIP PBX mobile app

  1. Availability in iOS and Android. This way, you can make sure that anyone with any device can connect with the same app features.
  2. Audio and Video Calls. One of the most basic features the apps must handle is reliable and straightforward communications.
  3. Push Notifications. Preferably based on double registration. This feature allows you to receive calls without worrying about draining your mobile phone’s battery life and ring instantly.
  4. Call Transfer. This way, you can move your calls immediately to the proper destinations.
  5. Conference Calls. With this, you can have quick calls between multiple party members.
  6. Call Encryption (TLS). Secure your calls with TLS and RTP encryption, ensuring your privacy is always protected.
  7. Chat. Send and receive instant messages with other PBX users.
  8. Multiple audio and video codecs. Ensure compatibility and clear voice and video.
  9. QR Code Provisioning. For security and easier provisioning.
  10. Call Recording. Record calls locally for archiving and re-listening at a later time.

Must-Have Feature

The app must have the most significant number of languages possible in a globalized world. Therefore, a communication app must at least come in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

Choose The Right PBX System

You can have the best app, but the results will not be as expected if your PBX cannot connect.

Here are some of the main features that a PBX system must have so it works perfectly with a communications app:

  1. The PBX must have the capability to be installed in the cloud. Meaning it should be accessible from any place in the world. Of course, we should consider any security measures when installing in this kind of environment.
  2. Given that most communication apps offer Push Notifications based on the registration of external servers, the PBX should support multiple registrations to the same account. It can be easily achieved by using PBX systems that support PJSIP.
  3. Some PBX systems offer the ability to forward calls to cellphone numbers. That is another way to achieve mobility. But it would help if you considered the extra costs that generate the calls to a cellphone number and that this will only work for incoming calls.
  4. To add another layer of security, you can have a VPN connection between the PBX and the mobile device.

These are some of the PBX Systems that support these features:

Mobile Options With Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, or SMS

Other options to achieve mobility are through different integrations from your PBX with other platforms like Microsoft® Teams™, WhatsApp®, or through SMS.

In the case of MS Teams, many businesses use it as their corporate Softphone by integrating it with their PBX system.

PBX systems like VitalPBX already offer this as part of the solution with a native and direct integration.

WhatsApp and SMS are limited to text and chat, which is one of the most popular ways to connect nowadays. Companies like Telnyx and Twilio offer both integrations with the IP Trunks services.

If you are interested in learning more about our Microsoft Teams integration with VitalPBX, you can go to the following link.

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