VitalPBX Download and VPS Installation Guide.

Get Started with your VitalPBX Installation.

Thank you for your interest in VitalPBX! We hope that you find it has everything you need, and more. Here is some information that you will find useful to get you started. For the full ISO, you can click the following button.

Download VitalPBX

VPS Installation

To install VitalPBX on a VPS Service, it is quite simple! You just need to follow the following steps.


  • CentOS 7 64-bit
  • SSH Terminal & Access


Once you have your CentOS 7 64-bit Machine you must SSH into the machine to run the VPS installation script. After you have SSH’d into the machine you will need to run the following set of commands.

1. Install wget.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# yum install wget -y

2. Download the VPS installation script.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# wget

3. Give the script execution privileges.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# chmod +x

4. Run the VPS installation script.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# ./

At the end, the script will reboot the machine. When the reboot is done, you will have VitalPBX fully loaded! So you can go to the machine’s IP address, create the admin user password, and start configuring your PBX!


VitalPBX is readily available as an installation on the Digital Ocean Marketplace so you deploy a VitalPBX Droplet easily. You can find a full guide on the following link.

Digital Ocean Guide

Using this link, you can get US$ 100.00 in credit for you to use for 60 days to try out the service.